Once upon a time...

There was a girl. She started a business. She wanted to share her message with the world. But she didn't know where to start. 

One day, she came across a free course online that she could watch in her own time. It taught her about storytelling in a fun an entertaining way. 

Who is this course for?

If you're in business, if you want to become a better storyteller, if you love learning, if you want to speak at TED someday. Then this is for you.

Short easy to digest videos

Videos are about 10 minutes long. No need to watch 90 minute webinars, because the fluff has been cut out.

Watch right now

Watch whenever you want. Watch all 7 videos - sign up and you'll have full access


What will you learn?

Read on to find out.

You'll learn:

• What is a Micro Story and why we need to learn how to harness them

• Where we see Micro stories 

• How to be an effective storyteller 

You'll learn:

Why micro stories are important for making connections

• Where storytelling came from 

• Why storytelling will stay around forever

You'll learn:

• Why Micro Storytelling works 

• How to capture attention in a world moving at hyperspeed

• Why stories are 22 x more memorable than facts and figures alone

You'll learn:

• How to cut through the clutter without being 'salesy'

• The problem with short attention spans and how to overcome them

• How to distinguish your brand with story

You'll learn:

Easy techniques you can use + implement today

• Choosing a medium on social media

• Learn basic storytelling elements to nail your story in the easiest way possible

• Learn what kind of stories you should be telling

Stacey Jessop is a personal branding specialist, graphic designer and founder of Barefoot Branding. With an emphasis on the timeless craft of storytelling, she teaches entrepreneurs how to create an authentic brand that builds community. 

She offers limited spaces for 1-on-1 mentoring, where she helps entrepreneurs better understand their brand, craft their story and create unique graphics to match. 

In her spare time she likes taking circus class, designing patterns inspired by the 90s and creating a flimsy pretext so she can listen to audiobooks. 

To find out more, check out her website at barefootbranding.academy. You can follow her on Instagram where she documents her daily exploits. For resources, tricks and tips join her free Facebook community here. 😊

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